2021 winner

Kingsley Napley

Unanimous winner thanks to a strong, well-evidenced entry for their BAME and Antiracism Support initiative:

  • Timely response to George Floyd death and recognition of systemic problem
  • Sustainable – real promise of transforming their business
  • Visible leadership, active internal champions and engagement at every level
  • Public promotion led by top staff and supported throughout the organisation yielded great public support
  • Good metrics show impact, eg. 280% increase in BAME applicants; 50% of trainee contracts offered to BAME candidates.

Kingsley Napley is an excellent example to be followed by other firms as a forward-looking inclusive firm that has demonstrated leadership in adapting to the new realities in our society, involving all from the bottom to the top of the firm.


2nd place

Vieira de Almeida & Associates

The ‘Encounters with Impact’ programme had good business alignment and was a good example of using partner as catalyst (the Foundation with which they worked). It had a positive impact and the intention to upscale for future wider impact.


BitC 2019.jpg


A&L Goodbody
William Fry