Management Team Together Group

Bringing together all ‘C-suite’ disciplines to encourage dialogue and different perspectives

Note: Firmwide Leaders Group is now part of Management Team Together Group.

Given the interdependency of management functions in tackling the big issues, this group brings together all ‘C-suite’ disciplines to encourage dialogue and different perspectives.

The economic case for collaboration may be well-established, but experts tend to congregate into silos, thereby building barriers and reinforcing group think. However, everyone belongs to a team and most communication is conveyed through non-verbal means, with face-time the only way to read it.

Management team together events bring together members of all Forum Groups. The committee also arrange specialist round tables for Firmwide Leaders.



Rachel Holmes

Matrix Chambers


Des Greene

The BD Consultancy

Jon Aarons

Rud Pedersen Group

Pauline Caldwell

Momentum Business Consulting

Kevin Doolan

Møller Institute

Cameron Ireland

ICSL Advisory Services

Arif Kamal


Susanne Pugsley

PSBD Pugsley Sidwell

Rick Seabrook

Panoram Digital

Mark Turner

Lubbock Fine

Benefits of joining Management Team Together Group


Management team together events that bring together members of all Forum Groups.


Peer  learning from across all management disciplines

Share information

Share information that you wouldn’t be as comfortable sharing with a work colleague.

An open forum

Enjoy a level playing field where everybody present has the same opportunity to communicate and listen; everybody gets the chance to speak, and to hear what’s said.

A break from day-to-day activities 

Lift your head out of your day-to-day activities.

Upcoming events

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“I work closely with the Forum in my role as co-chair of the Professional & Business Services Council, and find its ability to mobilise its members quickly, whilst representing the views of both large and small professional services firms, invaluable.”

Nick Owen
Chairman Executive Group, Deloitte

“Our involvement with the Forum gives us access to the latest strategic thinking within the sector, which is invaluable in this changing world in which we operate.”

Stuart Lisle
Partner, BDO


  • Firmwide leaders
  • Client-facing practice group leaders & office heads
  • Group and other ‘C-Suite’ members
  • Specialist suppliers (by invitation)