Peer Groups

Managing Partners’ Forum Peer Groups are currently organised for Managing Partners’ ,COOs, CMOs & HR Directors’.  Peer Groups Provide an exclusive and confidential forum for senior leaders in the professional service sectors to network, share knowledge and insights , and discuss  business challenges in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Benefits of joining Peer Groups

Tailored to your needs

The Peer Groups are tailored to meet the specific needs of members, with group composition and meeting agendas designed to address the issues that matter most to participants.


All discussions and information shared during Peer Group meetings are strictly confidential, providing a safe and secure environment for members to share their experiences and challenges.

Global network

Peer Groups bring together leaders from across the globe, providing opportunities to network and share insights with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Expert facilitation

Peer Group meetings are expertly facilitated by qualified, experienced executive coaches, ensuring that discussions are focused and productive.

Moderated discussions

Expert moderation ensures that the discussion stays focused with meeting time used for maximum impact.

Be prepared for the future

Be able to share common issues with your peers, relate to others who have similar problems and become better prepared for similar issues in the future.

How do Peer Groups work?

Peer Learning

Around seven-8 people, in senior roles in Professional Services firms, meet and share emergent issues and experiences, in a holistic manner, with the goal of learning from each other’s insights.

Supportive environment to explore sensitive issues, outside of the workplace

Members set the agenda

Deep dive into the issues the group decide is a priority


Members should not share commercially sensitive information but are free to use any other information obtained during a meeting as they wish provided, they do not disclose the identity of the member who supplied it.  Competition: while one of the benefits of being in a peer group is to share knowledge and experiences between members however, we do not support any anti-competitive activity.

In praise of Peer groups

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Expert Facilitation with qualified executive coaches

Richard Thorby

Richard Thorby trained as a chartered accountant with Deloitte South Africa. After a 20-year career in an international luxury goods group including European Board roles, he spent several years as the managing partner/CEO of a Top 10 actuary and a Top 100 law firm. This helped him appreciate the challenges and peculiarities of leading a people business. Over the past decade, he has retrained as an executive coach and now focuses on helping sector leaders through one-to-one and team coaching.

Nicole Bachman

Nicole is the founding partner of Haywood Mann, specialists in facilitating long-term competitive edge. She is a masterful coach and facilitator, working in 4 languages, with over 6000 hours of team and one-on-one coaching of senior and C-Suite leaders over the last 20 years. She has written various white papers on organisational health and the effect of high performing teams on the competitiveness of an organisation, published the book Speaking Volumes, and co-published the books Business Wise and Unprecedented.


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“Powerful exchanges of ideas and initiative all aimed at knowledge sharing and improvement.”

Philip Black, Arcadis

“A rare opportunity to share on an informal but confidential basis ideas and experiences with fellow professionals facing similar challenges.”

Jon Randall, Moore Stephens

Peer Group Eligibility

    Peer Groups are a supplementary service for the Managing Partners’ Forum. We operate Peer Groups for Firmwide Leaders, COOs, CMOs and HR Directors.