Coaching Skills Academy

The Coaching Skills Academy organises introductory, intermediate and advanced online training workshops to help Forum members become more effective and inspirational coach͏‌es

Delivering value and gaining respect

Growing marketing capacity usually involves helping frontline advisors understand marketing and business development best practice; and providing tools and techniques that they are able and willing to use. Some leaders find these coaching and mentoring roles frustrating, but they can deliver significant value. Great skills through the Academy are essential but may not be sufficient. The tight integration of the Forum’s Skills Development Platform with its Mentor Match programme generates four core coaching capabilities: private messaging; personalised playlists; uniform engagement scores; and a safe place to try out new skills. This results in fantastic value.

Practical cutting edge guidance

Each half-day workshop focuses on a vital aspect of coaching and mentoring. Led by industry experts with extensive experience, each is limited to 18 participants to ensure personalised attention and an optimal learning environment. Courses are designed to be time-efficient and impactful, providing immediate tools and strategies to apply in your daily role.

Online Workshops

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World-class trainers

Each workshop is designed and delivered by a subject-matter expert with deep professional services sector knowledge and relevant experience. Training is provided in three areas – coaching skills, team coaching and mentoring: 

Team coaching workshops are delivered by Jamie Butler, a qualified and experienced coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.
Mentoring workshops are delivered by Andy Lopata, an expert on building, nurturing and leveraging professional relationships and co-author of the recently-published FT Guide to Mentoring.
Coaching skills and personal resilience workshops are delivered by Kim Tasso, a qualified and experienced coach, consultant and principal trainer for PM Forum since 1998.

Why choose the Coaching Skills Academy?

Productive learning delivered worldwide

Small class sizes, interactive discussions, idea sharing, networking and group exercises make the workshops highly productive. Delegates can participate from any UK region and across the world.
All sessions include certificates of attendance recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for CPD purposes. An additional fee is payable for each delegate.

Post-workshop benefits

Delegates are provided with a comprehensive pack of take-away materials, including presentation content, specialist worksheets and guidance on further learning.

Distinguishing Features



Driven by process and tools, focusing on specific development areas, typically short-term with structured meetings.



Driven by advice and shared networks. It focuses on broader personal and career development, is often long-term, and is more informal.

Why Develop Coaching and Mentoring Skills?


In professional services, effective learning has evolved from instruction to interaction. Due to its personalised approach, coaching often proves more beneficial than traditional training.

What is Coaching and How is it Different from Mentoring?

Numerous definitions exist of coaching. For instance, Eric Parsloe describes it as “a process that helps and supports people manage their own learning in order to maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the person they want to be.” Experts like John Whitmore and Richard Boyatzis echo this theme of facilitating performance and development.

Mentoring, in contrast, involves “off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking”, according to the European Mentoring Centre. David Clutterbuck defines a mentor as “a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust”.


Organisations that incorporate coaching see marked improvements in work performance, employee engagement, and leadership effectiveness. Notably, emotional intelligence, which is pivotal in leadership, is significantly enhanced through coaching and mentoring.

Use the Coaching Skills Academy to elevate your leadership and coaching skills, deliver value and gain respect.

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