2015 winner


A key indicator of a well managed workplace is how employees feel about it. The evidence given is backed up by an impressive range of awards which clearly tell a story of excellent management on all fronts. There are many examples given of an exceptionally well managed workplace which feeds into solid performance and growth of the firm. Strong leadership, multi communication channels, flexible working, investment in the workplace, recognition and reward programmes, creative use of technology and social media – a holistic, comprehensive and creative mix of modern practice. This application stood out as clear candidate to win the award – and add one more to their many trophies.

“We are delighted to be recognised for this award because developing a forward-thinking, people-focused workplace environment is key to achieving the firm’s vision. We’ve introduced a number of initiatives this year to ensure that our people are highly engaged and can achieve outstanding results for colleagues and clients alike.” Andrew Leaitherland, Managing Partner & CEO, DWF

Managed Workplace DWF

From left: Marcus Brigstocke, Andrew Leaitherland (DWF) and Tim Franklin ( Claremont Group Interiors)


2nd place


Law firm Garrigues was a deserving runner-up. Any law firm that achieves a top five ranking for being ‘the best business to work for’ across all sectors has clearly carved out a leading local reputation. An excellent submission highlighted the observance of the strictest ethical principles, a spirit of collaboration, honesty, dialogue, commitment to service and teamwork as bedrock values of the firm. On these the firm had built a number of leading edge workplace practices to achieve a positive experience for people working in the firm.




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