2020 winner

Stephens Scown

The winner, Stephens Scown, tackled a very common issue in professional services firms, in a clever and lively way – namely, cross-referral. They engaged staff right across the firm with impressive support from the senior leadership. The initiative had a major and measurable impact on the business. The judges’ view was that the changes were highly likely to become embedded in the culture – and they will never be able to listen to Abba in the same way again!

Corporate Culture
Danny Wallace, Samantha Paley & Georgia Wookey (Stephens Scown) and Louise Sunderland (Be the Business)

 “Our 70s music themed cross-referring campaign was such fun to work on. The campaign aimed to encourage greater knowledge sharing between our teams in order to provide even better service to our clients. We’re so pleased to have been recognised by The Managing Partners’ Forum and to win Best Corporate Culture.”
Samantha Paley, Interim Head of Marketing, Stephens Scown

2nd place

Boodle Hatfield

At one level this was a straightforward and successful wellbeing at work programme. And, if it was just this, it would have been a clever and well-crafted intervention. However, the firm managed to attach the initiative to other powerful elements of the organisational culture so that, rather than being a stand alone initiative, it connected to their longstanding commitment to valuing the individual.


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