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CBRE has demonstrated that the development of their Global Services Division has had a significant impact on both growth and corporate reputation. The internal and external alignment initiatives – across disciplines and markets – encompass technology, M&As, talent development, organisational structure, mobility, global leadership and working strategy. The result is a more streamlined, consistent and homogenous service to clients across the globe. In addition, the adoption of Workplace360 into 21 of their own offices worldwide means that CBRE ‘walks the talk’ and are industry leaders in new ways of working – improved employee satisfaction and client experience being the gains. A great example of a holistic approach to the alignment of resources, leading to increased competitive advantage


Alignment Of Resources CBRE

From left: Marcus Brigstocke, Tim Allen (CBRE) and Richard Chaplin (The Advisory Search Agency)


2nd place


The judges felt this was a deceptively simple but highly effective intervention that tackled an issue that many professional firms have. The Spanish Law firm Pérez-Llorca’s corporate practice introduced a traffic lights system whereby assistants register themselves every morning as red, yellow or green according to what capacity they have to take on work. There is, as a result, no stigma attached to registering green. This system not only makes finding staff easier, it has also, importantly, ensured that all lawyers get a good and varied experience and an opportunity to develop.



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