Clients want to understand trends and insights that affect their industries, but only from trusted and respected sources. Those that shape opinion, introduce insights, and create demand by sharing ideas that confer business advantage are exercising ‘thought leadership’. Yet the term remains murky, undefined and scantily researched. All too often, originators measure it by volume, or link it directly to sales, or engage in marketing masquerading as thought leadership. This is foolish as generating a tsunami of bland PR wallpaper is very expensive, and merely damages credibility and reputation.

We learnt from our presenter why true thought leadership springs from intellectual curiosity that leads to original ideas. How it offers unique perspectives, innovation and practicality. How firms can use it to differentiate and establish their brands; and how individuals can use it to explore ideas, create new fields, build reputations, establish eminence and expand their business.

Strategy, specific goals and planning drive the best thought leadership.