For the management team that has worked with its frontline to enhance client service in innovative ways that are original and valuable to clients.

2017 winner

Bird & Bird

Key client management is key to success for most, if not all, professional services firms. Some do it really well and some are just starting out. For this category of award we were looking for something a little bit different, something innovative. Bird & Bird provided this when they decided to train, develop and involve their PAs in their client teams. Client teams are essential to effective key client management and the PAs who are often a first point of contact for clients should be completely immersed in the client team, something Bird & Bird have achieved.

Winner’s quote: “The Bird & Bird team had a fantastic evening of celebration at this year’s MPF Awards. We were inspired to learn about so many exceptional initiatives being implemented across professional services. We were of course thrilled to pick up the award for Most Innovative Client Service – with innovation and exceptional client service both core to our firm’s vision, this was a very important accolade for us.” Louise Field, Head of Client Service

Most Innovative Client Service

From left: Austin Healey, Nancy Elliott, Louise Field and Karen Bailey (Aderant)


2nd place

BLM & Gulland Padfield

Client service is obviously high on BLM’s agenda. Towards the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 BLM partnered with an external consultant to instigate a client insight programme which involved both internal and external feedback and competitor analysis. Listening to your clients is key and more importantly doing something with the feedback is essential to improve the client experience. BLM understand this and have reviewed, refreshed and strengthened their relationship strategy with their main clients through this initiative.





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