Leadership Development Programme

The Managing Partners’ Forum has developed an innovative leadership development programme tailored to the needs of practice and functional leaders at professional services firms. Practice leaders are typically those from legal, accounting and surveying backgrounds in a client-facing, fee-earning role. Functional leaders are experts in management disciplines such as finance, marketing, human resources or technology.

The programme was designed in consultation with leaders of legal, accountancy, consultancy and property firms. And in conjunction with some of the world’s leading management thinkers and learning and development professionals.

This programme addresses the specific needs of professional services firms. The Managing Partners’ Forum runs regular surveys into the needs of leaders within the sector. Its Advisory Board and Groups (Management Team Together, Finance & Operations, Strategy & Marketing, and People, Performance & Culture) were consulted throughout the programme’s development.

Modules are developed and delivered by world-class leaders with outstanding credentials, skills, and knowledge. They have experience with and use case studies from professional services firms.

It plugs the gaps in other leadership development programmes – addressing the specific needs of the professions to promote consensus through collaboration. It addresses the unique requirements of partnerships that manage highly skilled (and usually strong-willed) knowledge workers in complex organisations spanning multiple divisions and disciplines.

Each module centres on a high-quality, interactive, half-day, in-person workshop with between eight and 12 participants with no more than two from any firm. Each workshop is within an optional programme of activities undertaken at the leaders’ own pace. This is to ensure that personal needs, aims, learning transfer, behaviour changes and organisational goals are achieved.

The programme offers pathways to highly regarded management and leadership qualifications – specifically the Institute of Directors Chartered Director qualifications and the Chartered Management Institute (the latter in a later programme aimed at other levels of leadership).

Leaders who are members of the Managing Partners’ Forum can extend their learning by participating in a range of low- and high-engagement activities with their peers in other firms to further consolidate their learning and development.

The price of each module includes access to a range of premium learning resources to help you prepare in advance of the workshop, consolidate your learning, and implement actions afterwards.

What is in it for you?


Access to experienced management and business consultants who facilitate
interactive sessions in an efficient and effective learning environment with
carefully developed resources


An opportunity to work with leaders at other professional services firms – sharing ideas and views in a confidential and comfortable environment. Hopefully, delegates will form long-lasting peer
connections and even friendships.


The acquisition of practical skills and relevant knowledge in an efficient
way where you have complete control over how and when you complete any preparatory work. Then, clear guidance and accountability on how to implement changes and action at your firm following the workshop.


Confidence that your new knowledge and skills will support you in implementing significant performance improvements at your firm.


Most modules include high-value, industry-leading assessments (and one-on-one debrief discussions with experienced facilitators) that will inform and guide your future personal development as a high-performance leader

Latest skills

Reassurance that you are equipped with the most up-to-date leadership and management knowledge and skills needed by leaders at professional services firms.

How does this programme work?


Leaders can choose individual modules or sign up for a series depending on their needs. We suggest you attend the workshops with a colleague – as this helps you to compare, assimilate and prompt your learning and supports implementation at your firm. 


Each module comprises a half-day in-person workshop with a minimum of eight and no more than 12 participants (a maximum of two people from any one firm).


To extend the learning experience, there are optional assessments and activities before and after the workshop which leaders tackle in their own time, at their own pace. This means that the learning in a four-hour workshop can be supplemented with up to 12 additional hours of learning.


All content and activities are presented in an innovative online content and learning workflow system – People Alchemy | Automated Learning Workflow Platform.


Optional Activities

• Read briefing notes
• Talk to facilitator
• Complete assessment(s)
• Set learning and behaviour change aims       (with colleague)
• Appoint mentor and observer(s)
• Watch videos
• Listen to podcasts
• Prepare reflection note
• Read recommended book(s)

Attend half-day, in-person session with up to 12 delegates

Optional Activities

• Develop an action plan
• Prepare reflection note
• Participate in an online forum and       discussion group
• Further reading, viewing, and listening to   recommended resources

Optional activities

• Self-assessment
• Debrief with colleague
• Meet with mentor
• Obtain feedback
• Complete personal plan
• Calculate financial gains/ROI
• Discuss with session leader
• Join peer group
• Follow-up reviews
• Attend coaching session


Emotional Intelligence – The skills that matter most for effective leadership

Module Type: Core programme

Facilitator – Philip Gimmick

This module teaches emotional intelligence (EQ) for leaders to lead, engage and succeed effectively by addressing self-awareness, emotional regulation, adaptability, and persuasive communication, including a leading EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment with a senior coach.

Building Vision and Strategy – Leadership and Change

Module Type: Core programme

Facilitator – Andrew Hedley 

This module empowers leaders in professional services firms to develop and execute effective vision and strategy. Through workshops, videos, and books, participants will learn how to analyse competition, create compelling visions, and implement actionable strategies. The program also covers the role of leaders in driving change and achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

The Management Shift for individual and Organisational Transformation

Module Type: Core programme

Facilitator – Vlatka Hlupic 

This module offers an intensive introduction to a 3-month transformation program for achieving individual & organisational culture excellence in your firm, based on “The Management Shift” book. It helps shift leadership style from “command and control” to collaborative and inclusive.

Developing internal relationships – The Connected Leader

Module Type: Core programme

Facilitator – Andy Lopata 

This module highlights the significance of building strong internal relationships and collaboration within organisations. Participants will learn how to deepen professional relationships, leverage internal networks, and navigate personality types and roles. It also covers the value of cognitive diversity, key influencers, and messaging to foster a culture of connection, leading to increased collaboration and minimised conflict.

Board simulation – An Introduction to the IoD Certificate in Company Direction

Module Type: Optional module

Facilitator – Paul Munden 

This innovative workshop provides hands-on experience in Board directorship for leaders in professional services. Through a realistic Board simulation, participants will develop competencies in finance, strategy, leadership, risk, and governance, as well as skills in influence, persuasion, and conflict management.

Digital Transformation Fastrack for Leaders

Module Type: Optional module

Facilitator – Daniel Rowles 

This module provides a practical guide to successful Digital Transformation and leadership, including an understanding of technology’s role and practical implications. Attendees will learn how to audit their organisation, build digital transformation plans, and identify areas of opportunity and risk.


Venue – Central London

2023 programme dates

Pricing for 2023 programmes


  1. All rates exclude VAT at 20%
  2. These rates are for workshops in 2023 – a 15% uplift is anticipated for workshops in 2024
  3. A £350 supplement per participant (not included in the above table) applies for the emotional intelligence (EQ) module as this includes an industry-recognised EQ assessment and coaching discussions
  4. There is a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 participants per module, with a limit of two from the same firm
  5. Some modules include optional additional costs if participants wish to extend their learning in specific areas or take advantage of further coaching sessions or assessments for others at their firm
  6. The 7.5% concurrent booking discount is also available if a member firm wishes to register two participants for two or more modules