2018 winner


Deloitte has made great strides over the past six years in building a more diverse, strategic and collegiate culture, embracing external competition and demonstrating and increasing willingness to experiment.

No mean feat in a sector that has traditionally been seen as insular, risk-averse and hierarchical.

A fundamental shift in leadership style has been crucial to this, moving towards one where the leader creates the stage on which others perform. Leadership has created a vision that all its people are entrusted to deliver against and live up to.

The results have been outstanding:

• Women make up more than 30% of the leadership team.
• The firm now audits more of the FTSE 250 than its rivals.
• Revenue growth in 2017 of 11.2% compares with 4.7% for the market leader. If these relative rates continue, the firm will become the UK’s largest professional services firm.
• Profit per equity partner is significantly higher than its key competitors
• When it assumed co-chairmanship of the Professional & Business Services Council, it expanded membership to include competitors, other sectors and professional bodies, in line with its goal of becoming leader in its field.

Exceptional Achievement By A Management Team

Jo Caulfield, the team at Deloitte and Sally Ashworth (Harvard Business Review)