Advanced Coaching Skills

There is a workshop for Intermediates/Advanced called “Coaching and consulting skills.” This half-day workshop assumes you have a basic understanding of coaching and some experience. It takes a deeper dive into more advanced coaching skills. It is designed for senior and experienced professionals who are already coaching fee-earners and leaders.

  1. Coaching in professional services
    1. Coaching perceptions and expectations – and mentoring
    2. Credibility and authenticity – Establish a strong relationship
    3. Confidentiality, conflicts of interest and reporting
    4. Who’s setting the agenda? (Stop being the expert!)
    5. Discussion: Questions and challenges in coaching
  1. Coaching challenges
    1. Achieve engagement and trust (High Quality Connection) – adapt to difference
    2. Uncover limiting assumptions – use Socratic questioning
    3. Manage difficult emotions, vulnerability, inner critic and poor mental health
    4. Create bite-sized action plans and maintain momentum
    5. Scenario: Coaching reluctant fee-earners
  1. Advanced coaching skills
    1. Use assessments – prompt learning and change
    2. Observe and be the mirror – Gestalt focus on the “here and now”
    3. Reflect, raise awareness and challenge (sharing difficult feedback)
    4. Set goals and navigate comfort zones (transactional vs transformational change)
    5. Scenario: Coaching senior leaders


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Jun 13 2024


09:30 - 13:00




Coaching Skills Academy


  • Kim Tasso
    Kim Tasso
    RedStarKim Ltd

    Kim Tasso has worked within and for over 200 professional partnerships in the legal, accountancy and property sectors for over 20 years and continues to do so as a management consultant.

    She also has direct client exposure from working with organisations in the technology, education, creative, media, real estate and not-for-profit sectors.

    Unusually, she combines psychology, marketing and business qualifications so is effective as both a professional trainer, facilitator and coach and also as a subject matter expert in a variety of strategy, marketing, selling and relationship management topics.

    She is highly rated as a trainer and coach for lawyers, accountants and surveyors and also lectured on Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional marketing qualifications for Cambridge Marketing College.

    She is the author of books on soft skills, growth strategies, business development, media relations and business development and a prolific conference speaker and journalist. She is also a member of the PM Magazine Advisory Board.

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