2016 winner


There is both innovation and evidence of real success in this submission. There are some truly creative initiatives – such as senior management sharing the hotdesking, recognition of both associates and alumni as key resources, GEM Awards and so on. These initiatives formed one pillar of the company strategy and were seen as an integral part of the business operation – and impressive financial objectives were achieved. The engagement scores, career progression statistics and progress in the “Best Companies” league are indicators to be really proud of, and this submission stood out amongst the submissions for this category.

Winner’s quote“Lane4’s purpose is to build winning organisations – making a difference to organisational performance and people’s working lives. Winning this award reflects our commitment to practising what we preach in creating our own winning organisation. We are very proud to be recognised in this way, and to share our success with our employees, clients and industry peers alike.” Adrian Moorhouse, Managing Director

Managed Workplace

From left: Jon Culshaw, Justin Warhurst, Adrian Moorhouse (Lane4) and
Tim Frankland (Claremont Group Interiors)


2nd place

Grant Thornton Greece

Grant Thornton Greece have performed extremely well given the crisis there. Within the Greek environment some of their people initiatives are certainly innovative – for example, support counselors, upward appraisals and the performance reward system. It is clear that senior management have clearly supported all these initiatives and the submission them shows some strong and recent data about the people impact. Together with all the business initiatives it has been a combination of impressive growth.




Withers & Rogers