For the leadership team whose firm blazes a trail in ways that contribute to market change.

2018 winner


We have chosen Xinfu as the mould breaking firm in CEO coaching. The contemporary cult of the powerful leader usually leaves CEO’s with the support that can give them resilience. By contrast, Xinfu has tapped this high-end niche market with a holistic approach to the CEO’s life and role, addressing the CEO’s well-being and life/work balance as key to commercial success. Also breaking the traditional mould of the associate model, Xinfu encourages affiliated practitioners to develop their personal brand: the service must be deeply personal and bespoke, there is no ‘one size fits all’ consultant. We also noted that Xinfu practitioners are supported to work across cultures in order to become more attuned to the cultural bias in leadership roles.

Winner’s quote: “We recognise professional services needs to be  revolutionised and from this, we’ve ‘broken the mould’ by creating a new global market, in turn we help our CEOs to be mould-braking too. It’s great to be recognised by MPF for their global expertise in professional services.” Steve Tappin, CEO

Best Leadership Of A Mould -breaking Firm

Jo Caulfield, Ana Marinovic, Steve Tappin and Stephanie Browne and Ryan McSharry (Infinite Global)


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