Discover how visibility on the Skills Development Platform can significantly enhance your learning, networking, and career progression.

Are you optimising your professional development by being visible?

To support continuous development in career progression, the PM Forum and Managing Partners’ Forum’s Skills Development Platform supports professionals in the services sector by advancing their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), expanding their skillsets, and accelerating their careers. This platform is a comprehensive resource, offering valuable content, interactive groups, networking events, and training workshops. However, the true power of the Skills Development Platform is unlocked when members choose to be visible.

Visibility on the platform means your name, photo, job title, firm, and city are accessible to other members, while your phone number and email address remain private unless you accept a buddy request. This visibility allows full engagement with the platform’s interactive features, such as joining and creating groups, sharing messages, and collaborating on content. Being visible shifts your role from a passive content consumer to an active participant, thereby enhancing your professional growth and expanding your network.

The importance of visibility on the Skills Development Platform for professional growth

Engagement and networking

The platform’s core strength lies in its ability to connect professionals from various firms and disciplines. Visibility allows you to join, create, and manage private or open groups, share messages and content, and thereby broaden your professional network, opening up opportunities for collaboration and support.

Enhanced learning opportunities

Visible members can share learning notes and evaluated content, making the learning experience richer and more collaborative. This sharing is limited to those with visible profiles, ensuring meaningful and focused interactions.

Increased recognition

The platform meticulously tracks activity, from CPD hours and learning points to content consumption and task progression. Visibility enhances your recognition within the community, making it easier to showcase your achievements. High achievers are rewarded with monthly digital trophies and prize draws for complimentary places at the PM Forum’s annual conference, providing tangible incentives for engagement.

Support and mentorship

Visibility allows you to connect with support groups, including leaders, L&D professionals, mentors, and peers. These groups are essential for providing personalised support, feedback, and guidance for professional development.

Performance reviews and development plans

The platform aids in performance reviews by offering detailed records of your learning activities, including time spent on content and tasks. Visibility helps you share this progress with your manager, making performance reviews more comprehensive and effective.

Key features of the Platform enhancing professional development

Informed performance reviews

The platform incorporates findings from the joint PM Forum/ICON APAC annual salary and performance reviews survey conducted in June 2023 to enhance performance reviews.

Idea development tracking

From content selection to formal evaluation, personal insights, set tasks, manager review, and goal completion, the platform meticulously tracks the development process.

Access to extensive specialist content

With over £10 million worth of unique specialist content curated over 30 years, the platform provides an unmatched resource for professional learning.


For those who prefer organic learning experiences over structured queries and competency frameworks, the platform offers SkillsetFreeflow℠, facilitating discovery and serendipitous learning encounters.

Accelerated learning

The platform ensures efficient and impactful learning through rapid induction, alerts, and tracking of content and task time.

Comparative analysis

Users can compare actual and target time for both hard and soft skills, content, and tasks.

Learning point gamification

Engagement is boosted through gamification, with trophies, prizes, and contests rewarding active participation.

Evidence-based CPD

CPD hours and Skillset proficiency certificates are available for any period, providing tangible proof of development.

Support groups

The platform facilitates support from leaders, L&D professionals, mentors, and peers, with controlled access permissions to ensure focused assistance.

Global community initiative

The platform supports personal goals, external ROI comparisons, and learning history transfers, fostering a global community-based learning environment.

By embracing visibility on the Skills Development Platform, you can transform your professional journey, unlocking new opportunities for growth, recognition, and collaboration.

Steps to be visible on the Skills Development Platform


  • Log in to the Skills Development Platform.
  • When prompted, choose ‘Make me visible’ on the welcome message.
  • Ensure your profile is up-to-date:

-Click on the avatar in the navigation bar.

-Add your profile picture.

Confirm your contact details.

  • Select ‘Visible’ in the dropdown menu.
Log in to the Platform