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Enhancing relationships and engagement between clients and suppliers. MPF is a place for those who want to enhance their own business’ & career, whilst also allowing others to create their own.

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What is The MarketPlace


The Marketplace is a secure B2B platform built around two simple observations: every professional firm is both a client and a supplier – and requires suitable tools for both roles – and making a start is usually the most difficult part of a relationship.

Services to clients

Clients can: manage panels of preferred, approved and alternative suppliers; narrow-source their needs through alerts to peer-approved suppliers with matching expertise; conduct project costing using default or private rate cards; share their SoWs and RFPs with selected suppliers; process supplier applications; and book appointments with suppliers. They can also appoint Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as alternates to perform any or all of the above activities.

Service to suppliers

Suppliers can: register to receive client need alerts that match their expertise; make applications; manage client panels; and promote their technical and value added services through alerts to clients that have registered an interest in specific supplier expertise.


The Marketplace welcomes senior individuals at firms with a same-country membership of a relevant partnering association – see opposite. Suppliers must also be listed on an active client panel for the same country.


A fixed £500 transaction fee is charged to suppliers on each project with a gross value exceeding £10k sourced through the Marketplace, with a reduced fee for lower value projects. There is no cost to clients.


The Marketplace has transparent design and management principles, in particular the same individual is not permitted to act as both client and supplier; and everyone has control over sharing content and personal details with others (including from their own firm).


The Marketplace has been developed on the HighQ Collaborate deal room platform, part of Thomson Reuters, which is used by hundreds of PS firms. Access to the platform is through a Ping Identity single sign on (SSO) federated server, with Maximiser CRM as the core database. Systems integration and bespoke code are provided by Helix Software.


The Marketplace is designed, owned and operated by a well-established and trusted association management company, Practice Management International LLP, formed in 1988.

Independent trustees ensure that the Marketplace operates impartially in the collective interests of all participants and in accordance with its design and management principles.


Watch the Marketplace tours with the principal architect as your guide:

Partnering Associations


PS Clients

Consultancy Procurement Council

Non PS Clients

PM Forum

PS Suppliers

Non PS Suppliers:
A £500 same-country annual corporate access fee if no individual is eligible for membership of the Managing Partners’ Forum.