The role of partners in dispelling toxic cultures

In today’s corporate landscape, the imperative to address toxic cultures has never been more urgent. This meeting emphasises the pivotal role of authentic leadership rooted in values and behaviours.

The panel will explore the significance of fostering environments where speaking up and listening up are not just encouraged but ingrained practices, ensuring every voice is heard.

Central to the discussion is the need to rectify power dynamics through inclusivity, acknowledging the detrimental impact of toxic leaders. Practical experiences of grappling with inherited toxic cultures offer valuable insights, highlighting strategies for mitigation and resolution.

The panel will confront the stark reality that toxic cultures, alarmingly prevalent and even fatal in extreme cases, require decisive action—even if the payoff may be years in the making.

Moreover, the event underscores the role of neuroscience in cultivating thriving cultures, leveraging scientific understanding to promote organisational well-being.

Through compelling employment cases, the detrimental effects of toxic cultures are illuminated, emphasising the imperative for systemic change.

By championing authentic leadership, fostering inclusivity, and leveraging interdisciplinary insights, organisations can embark on a journey toward cultural transformation and sustainable success.

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Apr 24 2024


08:30 - 10:00


Forsters 22 Baker Street London W1U 3BW


Management Team Together Group
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